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Socialist Scholars Can’t Beat Trump So They’ve Labeled Him ‘Worst President Ever!”

How do 170 so-called scholars know what Trump will do in the next three years of his presidency? They have no clue!

They didn’t ask me. Trump is #2, just a little behind Reagan at the present moment. Having a political science degree doesn’t make their opinion more valid than anyone else.

Let me also give you this disclaimer:

“Of those ‘experts’, 57.2 percent identified as Democrats, 12.7 percent as Republicans, and 27.1 percent as independents.”

Believe me or not, Trump will go down in history as the ONLY President to do so much more for the people of this fine country even without the support of the Dishonest Liberal Media.


A group of more than 170 scholars from the American Political Science Association released a survey today (on Presidents’ Day, the national holiday celebrating those who have held the office), which aims to calculate the “greatness” of every US president. Trump debuted at 44th, in last place. (There are only 44 spots, because Grover Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms.)

The last time the group ran the survey, in 2014, Barack Obama entered the list in 18th place. He’s since jumped up to 8th, just ahead of Ronald Reagan. Trump still has time to turn things around, and many presidents’ legacies improve over time, the researchers note. But right now, Trump is ranked lower in the reckoning of political scientists than James Buchanan, the president who saw the US descend into civil war, scandal-ridden presidents like Warren Harding and Andrew Johnson, and William Henry Harrison, who only managed to serve for 31 days before dying of pneumonia.

If the Communist Democrats hate Trump this much, he has to be superlative. That is how I judge a President.

Stock market rise, economy resurges, ISIS defeated, consumer and investor confidence up, home ownership, police killings way down, illegal alien crossings way down, unemployment, no Hillary Clinton in the oval office, keep up the great work Mr. President.

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Progressives/Socialists have ruined this country. The media is constantly stirring the pot, to get people agitated, for what? Viewers and clicks. The more they can post divisive articles the more clicks they’ll get, the more impressions their sponsor ads will receive then they can go back to the ad buyers and brag about their inflated numbers. The media has sold out opinions for advertising income. All we are to them is the fish biting on their click-bait.

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