Social Justice Warrior Milano Tweets “Steps To Impeachment” To Her Fan Base!

Actress Alyssa Milano considers herself an and far-left political activist, but I feel she is more of a troublemaker that is all over the map.

She is still trying to bring together a larger coalition of actors to refrain from working in Georgia after they passed a strict pro-life bill which targets physicians that perform abortions. Now Milano has shifted to the impeachment discussion of the Democrats, claiming she has the step to impeach President Donald Trump successfully.

On Wednesday, Milano told her fanbase of millions she had the plan to get it done, “A thread on the steps of impeachment,” is what she tweeted out.

Mind you, Milano didn’t come up with these on her own because she isn’t smart enough.

Congressman David Cicilline actually came up with the series of impeachment steps that Milano shared. He felt Trump could be removed this way:

  1. Opening an Impeachment Inquiry: A formal opening of the process to consider whether the President has committed high crimes and misdemeanors.
  2. Investigation: Once an inquiry has been opened, the evidence is gathered, witnesses are called and documents reviewed.
  3. Articles of Impeachment: Once the Judiciary Committee completes its investigation, it may vote for Articles of Impeachment if the evidence supports the finding that the President has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. If not, it will decline to file such charges.
  4. House Floor Vote on Impeachment: If Articles of Impeachment are filed, the House will be asked to vote on these articles. Passage results in the official charging of the President for having committed high crimes and misdemeanors.
  5. Senate Trial: Even once impeached by the House, the President is not removed from office, until such time as he or she is convicted by the Senate on a 2/3 vote of its members.

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So, Alyssa was elected to some political office, and we all missed it or is she just trying to channel AOC? And why must we see her despicable face plastered all over sites like this as she virtue signals and pretends to be a social “justice” warrior?

Our world today is infested with Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers. The best way for any Hollyweird libtard to get attention is to trash President Trump every day, all day. Alyssa learned early on that her “sex strike” was being ridiculed, mocked, and torn apart, so she had to switch back to impeachment.

Sorry to break this to all the script readers in Tinseltown who seem to think their opinion counts more than anyone that doesn’t read a script or play dress up make belief for a living but Trump ain’t getting impeached.

The entire Democrat Party is made up of psychopaths, narcissists, and borderlines. Who else pees on the Constitution every time things don’t go their way?! Either we defeat Liberals or be defeated.




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