So you want to be a bully? Father puts son in boxing ring and we’re sure he learned his lesson

A new viral video shows the harsh lesson the teen was forced to learn. His father allowed him to pick on someone his own size, but things definitely didn’t go the way he may have planned.

The jaw-dropping, three-minute clip shows the man’s son in a boxing ring with an unlikely opponent. Based on the title of the video, the boy’s competitor is actually a professional boxer. So, of course, victory was not an easily attainable feat — not even for a seasoned bully.

Although the boy made an effort to stand his ground, he failed miserably, as the professional boxer showed absolutely no mercy. The boy tries to defend himself repeatedly, but to no avail. At approximately the 1:30 second mark, a man, presumably the boy’s father, can be seen filming outside the boxing ring as he taunts his defenseless son.

“Hit back, tough guy! Hit back, tough guy! Come on. Hit ’em.”

Near the midpoint in the video, the professional boxer steps out of the ring, and a younger opponent takes his place. The younger opponent may appear to be closer to the bully’s age, but that definitely doesn’t help the bully. The blows the younger opponent delivers may actually be a bit worse because he definitely doesn’t hold back at all. Needless to say, the bully lost that fight as well. At the end of the video, the boy’s headgear is removed to reveal his bloodied face.

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H/T – CrispyVisuals, Wakavision

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