SO ABSURD! Former CBS Anchor Dan Rather Says “People Will Die” From Trump’s Budget

On Thursday, former CBS anchor Dan Rather had some strong words in response to President Trump’s new FY 18 budget blueprint.

In a Facebook post, he first called it “cruel and unusual.” He found it to be so bad that he does not even call it a budget.

But to even talk about it as a budget is to miss the point. It is not a budget. It is a philosophy, and one that may come as a surprise to many of the people who voted for Mr. Trump. They will hurt in real ways. Meanwhile it confirms the worst existential fears of those who see his presidency as a threat to the very being of the United States they know and love.

Nor does Rather like cuts to save money.

In the name of reining in waste, it rains pain and suffering amongst the Americans who already are the most vulnerable.

But here is his biggest criticism when he says “people will die” and suffer from this budget.

People will die because of this budget. People will suffer. Diseases will spread, and cures will not be found (really? slash science research?) Our nation will be darker and more dangerous.

Is this what we have become? People believing cuts will lead to others dying?

I do not remember hearing this when Barack Obama released his budgets because he expanded government.

These fear tactics from the left over budget cuts are nothing new. They live in such an entitlement society, believing the government needs to be responsible for every aspect of our lives.

There is no such thing as a perfect budget. That is why it is ok to agree or disagree with parts of Trump’s plan.

But what Rather has said is shameful and an absurd attempt to scare people.

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Wayne Dupree

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