SNOWFLAKES! Check Out These Liberals Fearmongering To Describe Trump’s Budget

On Thursday, President Trump released his FY 2018 budget blueprint on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, leftists on Twitter reacted with sadness and anger. Don’t forget the fearmongering they always use.

Here are 30 of them.

Just to ensure the elderly & poor REALLY suffer, after Paul Ryan kicked them off Medicaid, Trump cut Meals on Wheels so they also can’t eat.

Judd Legum thought he was clever with the red hat.

Seriously, what kind of person wakes up in the morning thinking, let’s cut Meals on Wheels! And Sesame Street!!? Unreal.

Trump’s budget: Your stepdad wants to spend all the extra money on a hunting rifle, when grandma can’t afford meds and the kids need shoes.

This White House Budget is an absolute DISASTER. Devastating communities and our country.

Trump’s is just cruel. Cutting Meals On Wheels, work-study, housing assistance & job training will trap more families in .

The Trump budget: Pour everything into defense while destroying much of what makes America worth defending.

The cuts off low income heating assistance, but at least poor Trump voters have that red hat to keep their heads warm.

Christians who support Trump after he cut Meals on Wheels will still get into heaven but only so God can personally kick their fucking asses

President Trump’s cuts include the programs that provide heat to low-income families and formula to babies in need

“Cruel and unusual,” the phrase rings in my head as I read the reports of President Donald Trump’s proposed budget.

Trump budget would end legal services for poor, all arts & humanities funding = more human misery + a society of uncultured drones.

Stop calling it a budget. It’s a kill list.

No money in the budget for after school meals? Let them eat diamond noodles!

$10 million for 3 Trump trips to Mar-a-Lago, but no room in the budget to help poor people to heat their homes.

They may need your donations later if Trump’s Medieval Budget prevails. For now, show solidarity by following

Trump’s budget for America is a bit like a family budget… if you planned to kill one of your kids, blow up your house, and dabble in meth.

. If safety’s the priority then why make it easier for unstable people to buy guns? Your ‘rule by fear’ agenda’s pathetic.

I hope he faces an international criminal court for this. This is terrorism by neglect & ignorance.

And they are meant to send a message: that this administration has the power to withhold the food that goes into your mouth. 3/3

Harvard president: Proposed Trump budget cuts to National Endowment for the Arts “a threat to history”

Trump’s is a shameless wealth-grab. Cutting Meals On Wheels, Education, Housing & Education perpetuates poverty for the poorest

A budget is a moral document. And what this one says about Trump is dark. via

Hey Team Trump: If you don’t want bad press, how about not proposing a budget that guts everything good about America. Just an idea…

Trump’s budget is morally obscene and bad economic policy. It will cause pain to the people Trump promised to help.

Reading through the Trump budget, I feel as the Romans must have felt in 456 AD as the barbarians conquered and ushered in the dark ages.

1 in 2 men, 1 in 3 women, will get cancer. Trump budget slashes NIH, which includes cancer research. Crazy & dangerous.

Trump claims the solution to poverty is giving poor people incentives to work. His budget cuts programs designed to help working poor.

What do you think about Trump’s budget? Comment below and let us know.

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