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SNL Skit Pokes Fun At Jussie Smollett Controversy

Actor Jussie Smollett got off scot-free from his 16 felony counts earlier this week when he gave up his $10K bond to the court who also relied on his past work in the community as a service as additional payment to let him walk out the front door with a wiped clean charge sheet.

Well, Saturday Night Live (SNL), decided to go after the Smollett controversy with their latest sketch that skewered his claims that he was attacked. I think they were holding back and could have done a lot better but then again, SNL hasn’t been truly good since the late 70s and 80s, so what do you expect.

I will still give them a little praise for tackling the subject and putting it out there, even though it wasn’t super hilarious.

In the sketch, comedian Chris Redd played the part of Smollett while another comedian and former star of Grey’s Anatomy Sandra Oh played his manager. In the video below, the so-called Empire producers had a meeting to fire Smollett when he walked into the meeting late with clues of another alleged racist attack!

One of the producers asked him “what is wrong with you, man?” after Redd’s Smollett character told the room “I just told you I was attacked,” while wearing a MAGA hat and holding a bag of clues to “prove” he was attacked before the meeting.

He pulled out Crest Whitestrips and three big red K’s and said “Three K’s. What do you think that means?” before saying he thought the Klan was a myth.

Bravo for SNL skewering Smollett! I am truly ( and pleasantly) surprised they addressed it, but SNL waited not just until this story was completely debunked, but waited until some liberal black pundits in the Media criticized Smollett for his fraud. Liberals will now cite this sketch as an example of SNL being non-partisan.

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