Vigilante Patriots From Melania’s Home Country Patrol Borders to Keep Out Migrants 

Patriotic citizens in Slovenia are taking the protection of their country into their own hands, after authorities dropped the ball.

A group of Slovenian citizens are now patrolling the border between Slovenia and Croatia in order to keep migrants out of their country.

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It appears the good folks in Slovenia have also gotten bit by the “nationalist bug,” and are doing what they can to protect their country, culture, and each other from mass migration.

Blaz Zidar has a mission: patrol along a razor-wire fence on Slovenia’s border with Croatia, catch migrants trying to climb over, hand them to police and make sure they are swiftly sent out of the country.

The 47-year-old former Slovenian army soldier, dressed in camouflage trousers with a long knife hanging from his belt, is one of the vigilantes who call themselves “home guards” — a mushrooming anti-migrant movement that was until recently unthinkable in the traditionally liberal Alpine state. The name of the self-styled group evokes memories of the militia that sided with fascists during World War II.

“I would prefer to enjoy my retirement peacefully, but security reasons are preventing this,” Zidar said as he embarked on yet another of his daily foot patrols together with his wife near their home village of Radovica nestled idyllically among vineyards and lush green forested hills. [AP]

Zidar says he and other patriot citizens are forced to act, because police and authorities are not doing their job to protect the county and citizens from mass migration flowing in from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

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Zidar complained that he had to act because Slovenian police aren’t doing their job of guarding the borders from the migrant flow which peaked in 2015 when hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, fleeing wars and poverty, crossed from Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia via Hungary or Croatia and Slovenia toward more prosperous Western European states.

Zidar said that his six children often join them in the border monitoring mission “because they have to learn how to protect their nation from intruders.”

Slovenia’s volunteer guards illustrate strong anti-migrant sentiments not only in the small European Union nation of 2 million people, but also across central and eastern Europe which is a doorway into Western Europe for migrants and where countries such as Hungary have faced criticism for open anti-migrant policies. Similar right-wing guards that frequently attacked migrants crossing the borders previously openly operated in Hungary and Bulgaria. [AP]

Of course, these patriots, who simply love their country and want to preserve their culture, are routinely attacked by globalist liberals, whose goal is to flood every westernized country with third-world migrants.

Miha Kovac, a Slovenian political analyst who is a professor at the University of Ljubljana, described the anti-migrant guards as “guys with big beer bellies who don’t have much of an education, who didn’t have much of a career, who don’t know what to do with themselves in the contemporary world.

“They find their meaning in this kind of movement and this kind of hatred toward migrants.” [AP]

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The “nationalist” movement is sweeping the globe, because people see how globalism has failed them, by destroying middle-class lives, while enriching the elite wealthy class.

There is nothing “racist” about wanting to protect your country’s borders and keep your culture alive and well for future generations.

It’s not up for debate – it’s been proven time and time again that Middle East and African migrants are not interested in assimilating to westernized cultures. That’s fine, they don’t have to assimilate, instead, they can stay in their countries and enjoy their own cultures for themselves and their families.

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