“Silas” James Clyburn takes on Justice Scalia calling him “White and Proud” Over Voting Act Comments

It seems that Silas Clyburn had some very harsh words for Justice Antonin Scalia stating that his criticism of the Voting Rights act was rooted in the fact that he was WHITE and PROUD!

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WHITE AND PROUD….something wrong with that???….hey clyburn..if you could put the race card away for once in your life…..most of us would be happier…this issue notwithstanding….

Clyburn’s response to Judge Scalia was a racist statement no matter how you call it. Aren’t you tired of the double standard? Aren’t you ready to say enough is enough?

Democrats want to change the constitution because they say it’s served its purpose and that it’s a living and breathing document. During last week’s hearings Scalia said the 1965 legislation created a “racial entitlement” that is very difficult to get out through “the normal political process.”

Clyburn jumped on the judge’s comments and compared the remarks to what he experienced growing up in South Carolina, saying that he developed an immunity to racist remarks but notes their impact is still felt in efforts he thinks are attempts to curtail the voting rights of minorities.

MSNBC pundit Rachel Maddow says that Justice Scalia is the type of guy to use the N word. You don’t think that’s a reference to racism? The entire article puts a good light on Clyburn and a poor one on Scalia. I suggest people learn to extrapolate.


Wayne Dupree

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