BREAKING: Did Georgia Republican Assembly Purposely Omit Candidates from Straw Poll?

GRA says no, but explanation makes me go hmm.

On Saturday, the Georgia Republican Assembly co-sponsored “Conservatism Outside the Box,” a conference used to connect conservatives dedicated to preserving liberty who may not have met otherwise.

At the event, the Georgia Republican Assembly sponsored a straw poll for the 2014 United States Senate primary race. An image of the candidates included on the poll follows.


Missing Candidates - Asman & Grayson
Missing Candidates – Asman & Grayson

Missing from the list, candidates Randy Asman and Derrick Grayson.  When the GRA was questioned about the ballot, they offered the following as an explanation for the ommision: 

The Georgia Republican Assembly was proud to co-sponsor “Conservatism Outside the Box” on Saturday, February 15, 2014. We also sponsored a straw poll for United States Senate at the event. On Friday evening, we copied the latest information from Wikipedia on the declared Republican primary candidates to be included on the ballot. As of Friday, February 14, 2014, the candidates listed were: Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey, Karen Handel, Jack Kingston, David Perdue, and Eugene Yu.

We did not intentionally exclude Randy Asman (who at the time of this posting is still not added to Wikipedia, but is now on other sites), Derrick Grayson (who was since added to Wikipedia…a fluid website).
We will be happy to do an email poll to all paid event ticket holders from Saturday’s event with these additional names included and post the results. Let us also be clear we are a separate organization from the Georgia Republican Party. The GRA is a separate grassroots organization with a diverse membership that edifies principled Republican participation by all.

We will give the GRA the benefit of the doubt for the omission of Asman, who is a late addition to the Senate race; however the explanation given about candidate Grayson’s ommission is simply false.  

In the January 12th article, Which Two of These Is Not Like The Others, we discuss the lack of media attention given two minority GOP candidates for Georgia’s U. S. Senate seat, Eugene Yu and Derrick Grayson and reference the very link the Georgia Republican Assembly says they used to develop the straw poll candidate list.


Wikipedia - Grayson Reference May 2013
Wikipedia – Grayson Reference May 2013

Given Wikipedia references Grayson’s announcement from May 2013, let’s call the explanation given for Grayson’s omission from the ballot what it is, a lie.  Now the question for the Georgia Republican Assembly is, why?

Wayne Dupree

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