Sheriff tells thief to turn himself in because “A bell tolls for thee and your horseman awaits”

A police sheriff in Louisiana is on his way to viral fame after his unusual but also heartwarming “Crime Stoppers” video about a man who burglarized this house twice and although his stunning charm might put a smile on your face, I am sure his words will strike fear in the burglar’s head.

This “top cop” started out the video giving a detailed rundown of what the burglar did in his first break-in attempt using the victim’s side window after trying to pry open other windows in the home.

“He tried a couple of windows and bent a screen, but found forced to open a heavy window was too much like work, finally he found an unlock window..It’s hot in Louisiana in July, a thief could catch a heart attack having to struggle like that

Once inside, he cooled off in the air-conditioning and helped himself to $1100 cash and a revolver”

The incident is not funny to say the least but this officer of the law is not playing one bit. He kept on with the video as it seems the same robber came back to the house for a second burglary 10 days later.

Watch the rest of the video and crime scene breakdown here:

This cop is nobody to be trifled with! Actually if I see the burglar I am going to turn him in just so I am not picked up by accident LOL.

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Wayne Dupree

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