She Purposely Put Infants, Toddlers To Sleep So She Could Tan!

Does anything surprise us anymore? This daycare provider thought she could get some time in the tanning bed by giving her children a sleep aid.

There are so many Americans who want children who can’t have them, and then there are more families across America who love their children and treasure them like gold. What does it say about a parent who purposely puts their children to sleep so they can have time to do extracurricular things?

Can you imagine these worried parents will never want to send their child to anyone? The trust is forever broken.

This providers name was January Neatherlin, and she pleaded guilty to criminal mistreatment and third-degree assault, yes assault!

Source: NY Post

Neatherlin was arrested last year after police found seven children younger than five left unattended at her center called Little Giggles.

Authorities said she forced the children to take melatonin to induce sleep before heading out to work on her self-care.

She repeatedly administered a sleeping agent to a room full of infants, toddlers and children and drove off in her car to fulfill her narcissistic needs. There is no room in our society for monsters like this. January has no respect for human life,” one parent said, according to KTVZ.

Though the “drugging” is what the media chose to emphasize, that’s the least of what she did. One child was seriously injured while in Neatherlin’s care, and the doctor diagnosed shaken baby syndrome. She forced scalding milk into one little girl’s mouth and burned her, and other children also suffered burns and bruises while at the daycare. Had she done nothing more than giving them melatonin, she wouldn’t have been sentenced to 21 years in prison.

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Another case of what social media has wrought upon society. These vain, vulgar subhumans who believe that they are the center of their universe and have no respect for others. Of course, she needed her tanning and cross fit sessions so she could look like a star in her selfies. Endangering the lives of young children wouldn’t matter to someone like that. She’ll learn to respect the prison guards in short order though.

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The kids’ parents aren’t entirely blameless. It was evidently an unlicensed daycare, and the restriction against picking up or dropping off kids between 11 am and 2 pm should have been a dead give away something was going on that shouldn’t have been.

She can play in the sun and lift weights now. The only difference is now she will have to be around the adult children and cant neglect them.

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