Sharpton Says NFL Like Plantation; All-White League Of Owners Making Decisions

I guess the circle is now complete. We have heard from Al Sharpton, and he’s complaining about NFL ownership having white owners making decisions for their employees.

Hey, Sharpton, an employee follows the employer’s rules in return for his paycheck or quits and moves on. A slave is owned and follows the Master’s orders or is put in shackles or is beaten until he no longer resists the Master’s orders. The NFL Players are not Slaves, they are employees fully free to quit and move on.

Sharpton is so full of hateful that he can’t tell the difference.

Source: NTK Network

“So you have an all-white league of owners making the decisions,” Sharpton said.

The roster of NFL owners includes Kim Pegula (Buffalo Bills), a Korean woman, and Shahid Khan (Jacksonville Jaguars), a Middle Eastern man.

“You put that with the fact that Jerry Jones takes a knee one day in the name of unity, but says, ‘I’m going to bench you if you take a knee.’ That’s a plantation kind of mentality!” Sharpton exclaimed.

The commentator left out that Jones had knelt in unison with his players, black and white, and not during the national anthem.

“Don’t you dare bend your knee by yourself boys and think for yourself!” he added, imitating his perception of Jones.

Wallace joked that Trump was “in the little boys’ room.”

“All white men in power, we know how this story ends, if you look at Hollywood,” Wallace added.

Watch him spew his rhetoric here:

Here’s the thing, NFL players want to ‘take a knee’ to ‘protest’ on the field in front of OUR flag when the anthem is playing before a game. So these ‘players’ CAN’T ‘protest’ on their off time? Can’t they go into the urban communities with their millions and make changes?

One more thing. Plantation owners wouldn’t be paying out millions of dollars to their employees. Plantation owners would only feed and house their slaves back in the days. These players are employees and if you don’t want to follow the owner’s requests, then quit. After all, he is the owner and owners expect orders to be followed.

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