Shapiro BLASTS Summit — Treating Kim Jong Un As Leader Is Wrong”

Fox and Friends continue to bring on Ben Shapiro who continually exhibits disdain for Pres. Trump, why is that?

Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro has been trolling Pres. Trump and attacking the Commander-in-chief for over 400 days of the 500 days-plus he’s been in office. Shapiro joined Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning and declared: “The piece of paper that got signed yesterday is frankly weak, this  is not a strong piece of paper.

This morning’s news opinions have me so confused. It’s being reported that Trump “gave up too much” at this meeting. So I looked at what he gave up. Military exercises with South Korea. There it is, that’s all he gave up. What did he get in return? Possible denuclearization of North Korea, to begin almost immediately. Wow, he gave up a lot for this.

Source: Mediaite

If you thought of the flag that was next to the American flag as a Nazi flag rather than a North Korean flag, everybody would see the concern,” he said. “This is slave state with 25 million prisoners and gulag system hundreds of thousands people wide… the president’s praise for the dictator of North Korea was disquieting.”

“The triumphalism that seems to be appearing in so many places this morning, where everybody is excited that President Trump met with Kim, that’s not justified by the outcome yet,” he said.

Shapiro added that if everything Trump and the triumphalists are saying is true and accurate, and what he claims will happen does in fact happen, then he would praise Trump for it along with everyone else.

It’s a big if, though, he argues.

I’m deeply skeptical that Kim Jong Un and President Trump are going to be besties and that this will suddenly change the world,” he said. “But I’m happy to be proved wrong.”

It is a very sad day in America when the leader of communist North Korea is more respectful to our President than our very own mainstream media.

These hardliners have tried so very hard to minimize the historic meeting between the leaders of our two countries, and belittle the efforts of President Trump that it is sickening.

The liberal media would rather see failure to find peace,(and reduce the threat of use of nuclear arms) than give President Trump credit for anything.

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