Setting History Straight!! How Did the Southern Strategy Myth Begin?

Believe it or not, the entire myth was created by an unknown editor at the New York Times who didn’t do his job and read a story he was given to edit.  On May 17, 1970, the New York Times published an article written by James Boyd. The headline, written by our unknown editor, was “Nixon’s Southern Strategy: It’s All in the Charts.”

The article was about a very controversial political analyst named Kevin Phillips. Phillips believed that everyone voted according to their ethnic background, not according to their individual beliefs. And all a candidate had to do is frame their message according to whatever moves a particular ethnic group.

Phillips offered his services to the Nixon campaign. But if our unknown editor had bothered to read the story completely, he would’ve seen that Phillip’s and his theory was completely rejected!

Boyd wrote in his article, “Though Phillips’s ideas for an aggressive anti-liberal campaign strategy that would hasten defection of the working-class democrats to the republicans did not prevail in the 1968 campaign, he won the respect John Mitchell.” (Mitchell was a well-known Washington insider at the time).

A lazy, negligent editor partially read the story. And wrote a headline for it that attributed Nixon’s campaign success–to a plan he rejected. In fact, Phillips isn’t even mentioned in Nixon’s memoirs.

Is all of this the result of a negligent copy editor at the New York Times? Or did they purposely work with the Democrat Party to create this myth? That has crossed my mind and it’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility.

If you tell a lie long enough…..

Political analysts have been referring to James Boyd’s article for over 40 years. And are we supposed to believe that no one has read past the headline during all that time?

If the New York Times wasn’t actively working with the democrats when the story was first published, then the democrats obviously saw an opportunity to create the perception that the republicans are the source of racial strife in America . And they made the most of it.

And when you tell a lie long enough, people believe it, including former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.

As the RNC’s first black chairman, Steele was in the perfect position to expose the Southern Strategy myth as an ongoing lie. But instead, Steele believed it and told students at DePaul University , in 2010, that it was true.

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