Sessions on Roy Moore Accusers: I Have No Reason to Doubt These Young Women

AG Jeff Sessions found himself between a rock and a hard place dealing with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who tried to back him into a corner about Roy Moore’s accusers.

Was there a correct answer that Sessions could have given? Could he have said, we do not have a comment at this particular time as we do not know the specifics of the case? I think that would have been a great answer but what do I know.

First off, Jackson Lee misrepresented the women as being young. Forty years ago they were young, but they are not young now. Secondly, Democrats do this age shifting for an emotional response as they did Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin. Both of them were close to 20 years old when they met up with the untimely deaths, but the media and black community kept showing photos of them as 11 and 12-year-olds.

This sleight of hand makes for a compelling argument with emotional backlash if it is believable. Jackson Lee held up the old photos of these accusers as if they were currently young women and that is playing with fire.

Jackson Lee also brought up the Russia connection thing again, but she didn’t want Sessions to answer the question. She had to be silenced so that Sessions could answer the question which reminds me of Sen. Kamala Harris who did the same exact thing when she had a chance to ask Republicans questions during a committee investigation.

Source: Mediaite

During his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Attorney General Jeff Sessions landed in a combative exchange with Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) over Roy Moore, as well inconsistencies in his previous testimony before Congress.

The congresswoman began by asking about the underage sexual abuse allegations against Moore, who is currently running to succeed Sessions as senator of Alabama. Sessions said he has “no reason to doubt these young women” making claims against Moore, which prompted Lee to ask him if Moore ought to have a place in the Senate, and whether the Justice Department would investigate the former state Supreme Court judge.

Sessions said the Department’s ethics officials advised him not to get involved with the Moore campaign, though Lee continued to press him on whether he would ever put Moore’s current controversy up for federal review.

“We will do our duty,” Sessions responded.

Jackson Lee should have been voted out of his district a long time ago if it weren’t for gerrymandering and phantom votes. Her attitude and line of questioning were drenched in hearsay and lack of proof but when has that ever stopped a Democrat from putting on a show for the cameras.

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