OIG Finds 3 Counts Of Sexual Harassment Against Unnamed Senior DOJ Official

It seems as if a retired Senior DOJ Official got away with three counts of sexual harassment and no doubt his pension, retirement money and probably even a party to boot.

This is criminal. How do you let someone go who was caught doing something like this and not prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. They are the DOJ. This is their job.

The statement was posted today:

The Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General (OIG) initiated this investigation upon the receipt of information alleging that a senior Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP) official sexually harassed and retaliated against female subordinates, and abused his authority by coercing female employees in his chain of command to have sex with him.

In addition, during the course of the investigation, the OIG obtained information that the senior DOJ official had engaged in a long term sexual relationship with a subordinate. The senior DOJ official allegedly supervised the subordinate and approved her performance evaluations and promotions during the period of time they were in a relationship.

The OIG investigation substantiated that the senior DOJ official (1) sexually harassed one subordinate when he pressured her into a sexual relationship with him in exchange for a promotion; (2) sexually harassed another subordinate when he made repeated verbal sexual advances to her and ultimately sexually assaulted her; and (3) sexually harassed two other subordinates by engaging in sexually inappropriate conduct toward them. The OIG concluded that the senior DOJ official’s actions constituted ethical misconduct, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, all in violation of law, federal regulations, and DOJ policy.

The OIG further found that the senior DOJ official’s conduct constituted sexual harassment of the subordinate with whom he engaged in a long term sexual relationship. The senior DOJ official’s and the subordinate’s respective professional positions undermined the consensual nature of their personal relationship. Any such unacknowledged relationship potentially violates the federal regulations that require supervisors to maintain impartiality in personnel matters involving their subordinates and to take appropriate steps, such as recusal from all matters involving the subordinates, to avoid an appearance of loss of impartiality in the performance of their duties, to ensure that the subordinate does not perceive the personal relationship explicitly or implicitly as a term or condition of her employment, and to ensure that the subordinate’s response to the supervisor’s overtures would not be used as the basis for employment decisions affecting her. We found that the senior DOJ official took no such action.

The OIG further found that the senior DOJ official lacked candor in his statements to the OIG. Criminal prosecution of the senior DOJ official was declined. The senior DOJ official retired from his position. The OIG has completed its investigation and provided its report to the OJP for appropriate action.


This is enough to make someone sick! How in the hell was criminal prosecution declined? How was he allowed to retire from the position? Who was this?

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