Senate Rep Leader McConnell Calls Obama’s Bluff Asking for Vote on His Demands

Many political observers have looked upon the 199-page American Jobs Act as something of an election campaign bluff.  The president knows that the bill has absolutely no chance of passing the Republican-dominated House of Representatives, and support for the measure in the Democrat-controlled Senate is meager at best.  Despite the bipartisan unpalatability of the AJA, Obama can use it as a campaign issue by blaming Republican intransigence for its failure.

Well, today on the floor of the United States Senate, Kentucky’s senior senator, Mitch McConnell, called Obama’s bluff.  Lifting a copy of the AJA in his hand, the Republican Minority Leader offered to introduce the proposal and call for a vote:

Senate Rep Leader McConnell Calls Obama’s Bluff Asking for Vote on His Demands


Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid immediately blocked McConnell’s attempt to introduce President Obama’s jobs proposal.  Reid said he would bring up the jobs bill later this month — promising a vote in October. “Right away is a relative term,” he said.

It was President Abraham Lincoln (a Republican, if memory serves) who once suggested the difficulty involved with fooling all of the people all of the time.  President Obama obviously believes that he can blame the failure of his flawed American Jobs Act on Republican refusal to allow a vote on the bill.  Today, that plan became inoperative, thanks to Sen. McConnell.

Wayne Dupree

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