Senate GOP Looking For Way To Fund Wall WITHOUT National Emergency Declaration

The question is, do Republicans support President Trump fixing the southern border wall?

Let’s get something straight. It’s not Trump’s wall. It is America’s wall. The trouble here is many members of the U.S. Congress is corrupt, and most of them are criminal. They will let the U.S. swoosh down the drain before they tell themselves, “I could have acted.”

Republicans in Congress are afraid that if President Trump utilizes the National Emergency declaration wherein the executive branch moves money without the authorization of the House, a Democrat President will do the same. Conservative radio show hosts are telling their audience that won’t happen but it could. It hasn’t happened before because it would have caused a huge political tornado, but once the door is open, everybody can do it.

Republicans in Congress have decided they want to find another way to get the funds without the declaration. President Trump would probably welcome that, but he would also want to know why it took so long for them to act.

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All of the people at the border will tell you that THE WALL is the foundation on and around which all other border security measures are based. A wall keeps them out of the country. This is just common sense. Have you ever seen a prison that had no walls and nothing but laser beams to tell them when a prisoner was heading for the hills? Of course not. They don’t want to know when the prisoner has left; they want to keep him from leaving. The same thing at the border — we don’t want to be notified when they are in the country, we want to keep them out of the country. This is all just common sense.

Republicans are going down to the wire as they try to find a way out of their showdown with President Trump over his national emergency to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Republicans have just days to find a more palatable solution than the House-passed resolution blocking Trump’s actions, which is expected to come up for a vote by Friday.

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They are looking for ways that Trump could win more wall funding without using the emergency declaration, a controversial move that has caused angst on Capitol Hill.

“I think we’re universally for what the president wants to do, but there’s significant concern about using the emergency in this new way that sets a precedent likely in court that future presidents could use,” said Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), a member of GOP leadership. [excerpt via The Hill]

Somehow $150 billion was directed to Iran by Barack Obama with no issues, but these elite self-serving politicians cannot come up with $26 billion, let alone $5 billion for the southern border wall.

Our Congress has been debating the border issue for over 32 years since the Reagan amnesty that was promised to end illegal alien invasions. We are talking 32 years and over 22 million illegal aliens now living in the US and enjoying the welfare benefits, and Congress is still debating border security. The amnesty didn’t work.

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Congress has allocated billions over these 32 years, but no one knows how much and for what, like most things like this it’s far to complex for the taxpayers to understand and our Congress just borrowed another $1 Trillion, adding to the Nation’s debt, to pay the minimum payment on all the money they have borrowed, the interest payment.

The answer is simple. Dems and some Republicans do not want the wall as their objective is a world without borders to fundamentally change America.

Congress is becoming more and more irrelevant. Republicans on the wrong side of the debate losing along with the Democrats by virtue of the Presidential Veto. Ignorant never Trump Republicans blinded by hate. Northernmost states, Alaska and Maine, get in line or officially become Democrats.

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