Sen. Schumer Claims He Has Republicans On Their Heels On Obamacare, Cabinet Picks

Sen. Chuck Schumer is blowing smoke to his constituents and liberal voters by publicly calling out Republicans as if he were in a power position.

What needs to happen is Republicans need to come out and shut him down. Most of you already know Democrats don’t have any power in the Senate or House. The Senate confirmation hearings will most likely ignite the “nuclear option” to get Trump’s picks through.

Schumer is like Baghdad Bob when Iraq was burning to the ground. He’s putting out false information to keep his troops in line, but we all know better.

From The Hill:

Senate Minority Leader [score]Charles Schumer[/score] (D-N.Y.) says his party has Republicans backpedaling on its plan to repeal ObamaCare and on its push to quickly confirm President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet picks.

“Who would have thought in the first week of Congress the Democrats would have been on offense and the Republicans are on defense?” he asked Monday night on MSNBC’s “All In.”

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We’ve told our Republican colleagues, if you repeal it, you own it,” he told host Chris Hayes. “There are a lot of good things in the [Affordable Care Act]. They’re trying to find a way to repeal the ACA and keep all those good things.”

They’re in real trouble, and now they’re squirming and squirming,” added Schumer, who endorsed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over President-elect Donald Trump, who has made an Obamacare repeal a top priority for his administration.

They’re like the dog who caught the bus. So far not a single Republican has presented a replacement that has gotten even a small consensus among Republicans.”

I still believe Republicans need to come out and shut him down publicly and continue to do that whenever Schumer or Pelosi try to jockey for position of who’s on top.

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