Sen. Rand Paul: Lawmakers ‘Will Suffer Repercussions’ If They Go Back on Norquist Pledge

When it comes to raising taxes on the wealthy, Sen. Paul pointed out that while it may be only one percent of the people, they make up 40 percent of the economy. He had a message to Republican lawmakers who are considering raising taxes, saying, “I think they should be reminded they took a pledge to voters in their state, they campaigned on it; […] we believe in stimulating the economy by leaving more in the economy.”

Sen. Paul thinks the majority of Americans do understand that their boss may make more money than them, but if forced to pay even more in taxes, that could cost jobs and stifle hiring. He’s also a “huge fan” of Grover Norquist’s tax pledge and added that “if [lawmakers] go back on their word, you know I think they’ll suffer the repercussions in their next election.”

Via FoxNews

Wayne Dupree

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