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Sen. Kamala Harris — It’s Inhumane To Tell “Child Migrants” Go Back Where You Came From

We are a nation of LAWS, not a nation of feelings.

The USA became better than other nations because it lived by the laws given to the citizenry. Sure there are bad seeds here and there, but the majority of Americans follow the laws and do the right thing.

When Socialists regime (Democrats) got the taste of power under Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and invited the people from every other country under the sun to come to the USA for their “free stuff” that REAL American citizens were entitled, things started to take a turn for the worst.

Now, 2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris is using the heart-strings method to make voters feel bad because more than half of America wants illegal aliens to be sent back home and those in poverty and before the living wage line here in the U.S. to be taken care of first.

Harris: I wouldn’t equate the homeless problem in our country with immigration, Stephanie. Those are two separate issues. On the issue of the northern triangle, let’s talk specifically — and I’m glad you raised that –We have people fleeing murder capitals of the world. When a mother pays a coyote money to transport her child through the expense of a foreign country, in this case from the Northern Triangle through the entire country of Mexico facing unknown peril. One must sit back and ask why would a mother do that? And you know what? Because she knows that the peril her child faces where they are is worse. But yet what is the policy of this administration?

Harris Claims Being A Prosecutor Will Help Her To Defeat Trump In 2020

When that child arrives to say, ‘Go back where you came from.’ It is inhumane. It is irresponsible. And it is contrary to who we are, to our nature, and who we say we are. The strong arms of America should be here to receive anyone who is fleeing harm, not to flick them away and to say go back to where you came from. That’s the kind of policy we’ve had had from this administration. And it is intolerable, it is unacceptable and it will end when I am elected.

Inhuman is to give, sell, or rent your child to be taken to the US to aid someone else claiming false asylum to get a foot in the door. She can stop with the faux outrage, she and her party are directly contributing to child exploitation, and abuse, both physical and no doubt sexual.

Leftists just can’t seem to understand why law abiding tax paying citizens aren’t super jazzed about working additional years of their lives at jobs they don’t particularly like, in order to subsidize, via higher taxes, an endless influx of poor, government dependent people who don’t even bother to learn the language of the country they take soo much from.

Sen. Harris Claims She Will Go After Trump Legally If She Is Elected

Not to mention the fact that they are purely coming for economic reasons and have zero affinity for our constitution, culture, laws or social norms and will erode the very liberties and rights our forefathers literally fought and died for.

Perhaps had Kamala’s party not solicited illegals, she wouldn’t be trying to save face about now.

People have lost their lives, sold into sex slave trade or worse. I have no respect for that crocodile tears, the fake-emotional lying wreck of a D-Rep from California.

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