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Sen. Harris Claims She Will Go After Trump Legally If She Is Elected

On Wednesday night, Sen. Kamala Harris, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, told an MSNBC Town Hall audience she would “absolutely” pursue legal action against President Trump or anyone in his administration after they leave office.

This question came from an attendee who inquired about holding Trump accountable based on the narrative that has been pushed by Democrats and the progressive media.

I have been hearing that Harris was rebooting her campaign and when that happens, it means you are in trouble.

Attendee: “Do you fully support undertaking the impeachment process through to its completion,” and “if you are not successful with the impeachment process, will you continue to pursue legal action against 45 and his cabinet as well when they leave office for the numerous egregious offenses they have all incurred against the American public, regardless of the time expended in the courts?”

Kamala Harris: “So yes, I do support, and have advocated for, us going through the process toward impeachment, and seeing that through. I doubt very seriously [the Senate] will actually vote to impeach this president giving its current configuration, which is that the majority is run by Republicans who consistently… have stood with this president even when what he has done is so clearly and blatantly wrong, and in many cases in the worst interests, not the best interests, of their constituents.”

“At least 10 separate incidents of obstruction of justice. I am also clear from reading what he wrote in that report that the only reason they did not return an indictment against this president on obstruction of justice is because of an opinion from the Department of Justice that suggests that you cannot indict a sitting president.”

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“But there is no question that the evidence supports a prosecution of that case, so taking it to the point of your next question, absolutely.”

“Listen, I believe that there needs to be transparency, there needs to be accountability, there is a clear track record of this president and members of his administration obstructing justice,”

“Not to mention what we have seen from the current attorney general of the United States, who I questioned in connection with the judiciary committee, who clearly thinks his job is to represent the president and his peculiar interests, as opposed to representing the people of the country in which we live. So there is a lot of work to do, and I plan on seeing it through.”


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