Female Athletes Finally Fighting Back After Transgender Athletes Dominate ‘We’re Facing The End of Women’s Sports’ 

What’s happening to women’s sports is a perfect example of political correctness consuming itself.

The progressive movement has gone “all-in” on transgender issues. Pushing wildly for new tyrannical rules and regulations to satisfy less than 1 percent of the population.

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It’s gotten so absurd, that corporate America has jumped on board, creating products that cater to such a small group of people, and shamelessly pandering to such a small sect of the population that they’d never move the needle on any product or service – simply to push the larger progressive agenda, which is mainstreaming transgenderism as a totally normal and accepted lifestyle.

And as usual, the left focuses on children, using young and impressionable kids to push forward their twisted ideologies.

A prefect example of this is what the toy company Mattel is now doing.

They’re introducing a new line of “gender neutral” dolls.

You can watch that video below:

We must reject this type of indoctrination of our youth by boycotting products like this and companies like Mattel.

Boycotting works and sends a very clear message to these companies that seek to push progressive ideology. Remember what we did to Target when they introduced “gender neutral bathrooms” – we brought the retail giant to their knees by boycotting.

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Right now, the entire left, propelled by the militant LGBTQ or “Alphabet Mafia,” have been collectively pushing the transgender lifestyle in almost every nook and cranny they can find.

But, there’s one very big problem brewing.

The culture of feminism and transgenderism is now clashing is in women’s sports.

Those of us on the sidelines have been watching it all unfold. Boys, who can’t “cut it” in male sports, become “transgender,” and enter women’s sports and dominate everyone. It’s taken a while, but women are finally fighting back, and a young girl by the name of Selina Soule is leading the charge.

Selina Soule failed to qualify for the 55-meter track event in the New England regionals after two biological males scored the qualifying places.

The 16-year-old female athlete from Bloomfield, Connecticut was forced to compete against the male athletes, because despite being born biologically males, the two now identify as females.

Selina said competing against transgender athletes is “heartbreaking” for biological girls who know at the beginning of the race that no matter how hard they try, the biological male athletes will win. [Caldronpool]

These young women have worked hard, trained all their young lives and sacrificed so much to excel as athletes, only to watch all of that hard work and dedication be flushed down some gender neutral toilet when a transgender “female” athlete, who is naturally built stronger and faster, snatches it away without batting a fake eyelash.

“I’ve lost opportunities to compete at world-class tracks,” Selina said. “I’ve lost opportunities to compete in front of college coaches and gain attention, and I’ve lost opportunities to win titles.

“I know that I’m not the only girl who has missed out on opportunities. There are countless other girls who have lost meets, and titles, and their drive to compete as hard as they can because they know that they’ll never be good enough to compete against these athletes.”

Thankfully, Selina is taking a stand. With the help of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), Selina filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights, who has agreed to investigate. [Caldronpool]

There is a petition set up, that is asking the Trump Administration and Congress to help women athletes, and safeguard their futures. You can sign the petition here.

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Watch this powerful video that discusses the issues that women athletes are facing today, as brave Selina Soule leads the way and takes a stand.

You have to ask yourself, where are all the feminists at? Why aren’t they speaking out on behalf of the women they claim to be fighting for?

You don’t hear from them on this issue.


There are a couple of reasons. One, is that they’re terrified of the Alphabet Mafia, who would shred them into oblivion for speaking out against anyone who is transgender, and the other reason is that feminism isn’t about protecting or standing up for “women.” It’s a globalist movement designed to destroy the traditional family unit, and push globalist ideology, and sadly, it’s succeeding.

Let us know what you think about this issue in the comments below.

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