Sekulow To Wallace: I’m Going To Answer Your Question And You’re Going To Let Me Answer It!

Fox News’ Chris Wallace has been trying to find a weak link within the Trump Team for a gotcha moment, but that opportunity never seems to appear especially when Jay Sekulow interviews.

Sekulow is a seasoned common sense litigator and a solid defender of the law. He knows his profession so when the media tries to go against him through legal terms; they are usually falling over themselves in trying to prove they are right instead of listening to what Sekulow is talking about.

Once again the interview got tense as Sekulow was trying to make a point and Wallace kept interrupting him:

WALLACE: Can you answer the question? Does this —

SEKULOW: I’m going to answer your question, I am, and you’re going to let me answer it. So, I’m going to finish what I was saying.

WALLACE: It depends on how long we’re going to take to get there.

SEKULOW: Not long. Chris, he leaked the information for one purpose and one purpose only to his friend, and he said to get a special counsel and the special counsel is appointed. So, the entire premise upon which this entire investigation has been based was based on illegally leaked information, including conversation with the president the president of the United States, and today, it’s announced that James Comey has signed a book deal where he’s going to discuss all this.

You tell me you think that’s OK?

WALLACE: I’m not asking about any of that. I’m asking about —


WALLACE: Wait a minute, Jay, you said let me let you finish, now let me finish.


I think one of the best moves by the Trump administration was adding Jay Sekulow to the team. He handles himself well. Chris was asking decent questions, but when confronted with how this investigation was started in the first place with a special counsel (James Comey leaks) he glossed right over it. That is a problem to have a former FBI Director leak in the hopes of a special counsel. And Jay brought up a good point; the DNC was colluding, but because of Trump…

How did it end?

WALLACE: Well, Jay, I think it went better than last time and, you know, we’re going to still keep trying to get this —

SEKULOW: Well, I don’t mind a good joust. A good joust is all right, even early in the morning.

I just wish Sekulow would have asked Wallace why he cares who is paying the legal bills. Make him admit that without any evidence he is pursuing a theory that something illegal is happening just to smear the President with another Fake News narrative.

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