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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Is Out; Replaced By CIA Director Mike Pompeo

This bit of news is a shocker and I didn’t see it coming but my co-host did during our show last night.

Last night on my radio show, my co-host Hutch Bailie Jr specifically stated he wouldn’t stay around as Secretary of State if Trump had chosen to work the North Korea deal as that was Rex Tillerson’s job. Mike Pompeo who headed up the CIA will now move over to the Secretary of State.

It seems Tillerson was asked to step aside last Friday according to Fox News. This is no different from any other Administration the first year to year-and-a-half a lot of changes are made in people check your history you’ll find that to be true

Look, folks, when we voted President Trump in we knew he wouldn’t be politically correct and wouldn’t act like any other president, but you can’t argue with the outstanding results. I’d like a more stable admin as well but our country is winning again so relax and trust him.

Trump is not afraid to switch people out if they don’t follow his agenda. Obama settled and got nothing done.

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Rex, thank you for the remarkable job that you performed. Without you, the groundwork would not have been accomplished. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do from here on.

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