Sean Hannity vs Jesse Jackson Debate After VP Debate – Must Watch!

Fox News Sean Hannity caught up with Jesse Jackson last night after the 2016 Vice Presidential debate, and they got it on themselves. Sean made it a point to remind Jackson he hasn’t been on his show for nearly ten years, but after light-hearted laughter, both kicked into high gear speaking on the differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and it was on!

From Fox News:

After last night’s VP debate, Rev. Jesse Jackson told Sean Hannity that Mike Pence did not do a good job at defending Donald Trump, particularly when it comes to questions surrounding his tax returns.

Jackson said that when Tim Kaine claimed that Trump isn’t releasing his returns because they would show that he has paid zero taxes for years, Pence didn’t have an explanation.

“Would you pay more in taxes than you’re supposed to?” Hannity asked, pointing out that Trump simply took advantage of every legal tax deduction that he could – as Hillary Clinton has, as well.

“That’s an unjust law … the law of Trump not paying taxes in 20 years,” Jackson stated. “I think you should put the Clinton Foundation, the Trump Foundation side by side, tax returns side by side, and make a judgment.”

Jackson couldn’t answer any of Hannity’s questions. The best part is he couldn’t name one thing that Barack Obama has done to improve the lives of African Americans. I want all lives to be improved. Therefore I’m voting for Trump!!

Poor old Jesse. He kills what’s left of his pathetic political career by saying that “Obama just ain’t black enough for him,” on an open mike during a live national interview and now the poor discarded has been can’t even answer a straight question that doesn’t sound like it was induced by dementia.

Let’s not forget Jackson loved Trump back in 1999 when he got assistance for his Operation Push program.

This guy had it all. Good looks, great articulation, mentored by MLK, national exposure but he got too close to Al Sharpton, and some of Al’s crap blew back on him. This guy could have been the voice of blacks everywhere. Instead, he is a failed politician and a failed man. Just an echo of what might have been.

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