Report: Sean Hannity Comes Out Blasting ‘Fake’ Fox News Polling ‘It’s Really Wrong’

Fox News has turned into a total leftist cesspool. From their #NeverTrump anchors like Chris Wallace and Judge Nap to their outrageously absurd polling, they prove every single day what side of the aisle they’ll be sitting on come election day.

It’s gotten so ridiculous that Sean Hannity is now speaking out against his own network.

Hannity came out and blasted Fox News for pushing these wildly rigged polls. He correctly stated that the network’s polling was skewed because they are “oversampling” Democrats – and I’d like to add to that by saying they’re also undersampling independents who are staunchly opposed to impeachment.

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But we all know why Fox News is doing this, don’t we? Firstly, Murdoch’s insanely liberal children are now running the network, and the other reason is that Fox News is pissed at Trump because he’s been bashing them in public by calling out their biased reporting and polling.

The bottom line is this — Fox News is no longer our friend. Sure, there are some great people still on Fox, but overall the network is not “America First” friendly at all.

President Trump pointed that fact out in a tweet last month, where he said he’s never had a “good” Fox News poll, and also called out TDS hosts like Judge Napolitano, who is bitter because he didn’t get nominated to the SCOTUS.

Nap is a two-bit circuit court judge from New Jersey, get over it, Sir.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity echoed the president’s criticism of his network’s own polling after it released unfriendly numbers about President Trump.

Hannity claimed that the network’s polling was skewed because they were “oversampling” Democrats on his radio show Monday.

“Anyway, New York Times/Sienna College poll shows Trump in a dead heat in battleground states, matched up against the three leading Democratic candidates: Biden, Sanders, and Warren,” he stated.

“And I always say, and I believe — Trump doesn’t poll well, and I don’t know what’s up with the Fox poll. I look at their poll, I’m like, ‘Okay, you’re sampling — oversampling Democrats by eight points.’ I’m like — some outside company they hire — I’m like, ‘Okay, they need new methodology because it’s really wrong,'” Hannity continued.

The most recent Fox News poll, which was released on Sunday, shows Trump trailing in a hypothetical general election against former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. He tied with South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and was within the margin of error against his 2016 campaign opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Biden had the biggest head-to-head lead against the president, with 51% saying they’d vote for him and only 39% responding that they would vote in favor of a second term for the president.

Fox polling also found that nearly half of American voters support impeaching and removing Trump from office.

Hannity’s criticism of the Fox News polls comes after Trump has done the same thing on multiple occasions.

“You’re reading the wrong polls,” Trump told reporters last weekend. “I have the real polls. The CNN polls are fake. The Fox polls have always been lousy. I tell them they ought to get themselves a new pollster.”

The president continued, “But the real polls — if you look at the polls that came out this morning — people don’t want anything to do with impeachment. It’s a phony scam. It’s a hoax.” [Washington Examiner]




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