Schumer Wants Trump To Testify Even Though There’s No Russia Collusion

Sen. Chuck Schumer said he would like to invite President Trump to testify before the Senate, and answer questions. Is he crazy?

Why didn’t Schumer ask Barack Obama to testify in front of the Senate when he boldly lied to the American people that a video caused the Benghazi attack when it was shown that he knew it was a terrorist attack all along. How about did Fast and Furious?

If Schumer did this for Obama, please someone send me the videotape so I can watch.

Source: NTK Network

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that he would like to see President Trump testify before the Senate in an appearance on CBS News’ Face the Nation on Sunday.

“I’d like to invite the president to testify before the Senate,” Schumer said. “I think we could work out a way that it could be dignified, public, with questions with [Senate Majority] Leader McConnell.”

Trump said at a press conference on Friday that he was “100 percent” willing to testify in response to former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony that Trump had asked Comey to drop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

Several things come to mind. Beating a head horse and trying to get blood out of a turnip are a few. It’s a witch hunt plain and simple by irrational people who simply still cannot nor will not accept the fact that their team lost. Talk about counterproductive for our country!

This is Schumer’s little trick. No president not even Barack Obama has ever gone before a committee and be subjected to answer questions regarding anything. If Trump is smart, he should tell Schumer to go before an ethics committee first.

I invite the Congress and Senators for the first time in modern American history to start doing what they were elected to do and stop doing what is best for them individually. Stop dividing our Nation and making yourselves rich. Stop making our country weaker and vulnerable you bunch of rich elitist.

It’s time to move on with the business of our nation. This is utter nonsense. We are now going to vote as many of these liberals out as we possibly can. What a total foolish waste of money and time.

Do you think Trump would ever sit before the Senate and take questions from a political party holding up his nominations and agenda?

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