Schumer — We Need Public Pressure On Trump To Stop Extreme SCOTUS Choice

The Democrats are getting desperate. This is just another version of Maxine Waters call to arms against Trump and his supporters.

Would someone tell Sen. Chuck Schumer that elections have consequences because he is not on the same page as the rest of us? Remember how the Democrats boasted they might be in power for the next 40 years when they had a super majority?

Now Schumer is trying to make this next SCOTUS nominee by Pres. Trump into some monster. Appointing a constitutionalist who follows the constitution is extremist? Tells you where Democrats are.

Supporting ANTIFA who attack people exercising their 1st amendment rights in a legal protest in Portland with bricks, weapons, masked to avoid identification, supporting candidates who want gun confiscation and would repeal the 2nd amendment if they could and wanting to get rid of the electoral college, this is why President Trump is trying to save our republic.

Source: Washington Examiner

“If you do not want a Supreme Court Justice who will overturn Roe v. Wade and undo the Affordable Care Act, tell your senators they should not vote for a candidate from Mr. Trump’s preordained list,” Schumer wrote in the New York Times.

“If the Senate rejects an extreme candidate, it would present President Trump the opportunity to instead select a moderate, consensus nominee,” he wrote.

Schumer added that senators should “lock arms” and reject people on Trump’s list, but he said that wouldn’t happen without public pressure.

“It will not happen on its own,” he wrote. “It requires the public’s focus on these issues, and its pressure on the Senate.”

Schumer said Democrats have a chance at beating back a Trump nominee. With Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., still out, Republicans have a slim 50-49 majority, and Schumer said the votes should be there to protect Obamacare and abortion rights.

Someone moderate like Ginsberg is what he’s suggesting. Sorry, Chuck but Harry Reid paved the path for Trump to place another strong Conservative Judge on the bench, can you say “nuclear option.”
once again?

He could at least wait until someone is nominated to call the pick extreme. Schumer is a career politician that is far past his prime. His decision-making skills are rusted beyond usefulness, time to retire.

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