Schumer Caught Trying To Give Amnesty To All DACA Registered Before Jun 2018

Sen. Chuck Schumer tried to pull a fast one over on the Senate and President Trump adding language at the end of proposed legislation to give amnesty to all registered DACA recipients.

Schumer thought he would also add a specific date to target so everyone that wanted to get in could do so by a future date. This is criminal, and he should be called out on it publicly. Sen. James Lankford caught him and exposed this trick and hopefully more do so.

Source: Sen. Lankford’s Twitter

The Schumer-Rounds-Collins plan is well-meaning but has serious flaws. For example on pg 64, it says our immigration laws should not be enforced for any new illegal aliens who are here or who entered the U.S. in the next 4 months, until June 30, until they commit a serious crime.

This is Schumer, my friends. He’s a snake in the grass, and he tried to get away with placing this language at the end of the legislation, in the back hoping nobody would see it. I am surprised Sen. Susan Collins agreed to this tactic. Did she know?

SOUND OFF in the comment section as I know you are probably fuming right now listening to this attempt by a politician to trick his fellow Senators and the American people.

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Wayne Dupree

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