Schumer — National Security Team Must Be Called Before Congress Because of Trump

Sen. Chuck Schumer having his golden moment to attempt this further divide our nation as he concludes Pres. Trump is weakening our defenses by meeting with Vladimir Putin.

Hey Schumer, why didn’t you get irate when Barack Obama did nothing about the Russians interfering with our election under his watch?  Why didn’t you hold a press conference when Obama told Putin he would be more flexible after the 2012 election?

The media including Fox News have taken the “Russia hacked the election” hoax hook, line, and sinker. How does our government indict 12 Russians without examining the only physical evidence available? Last time I heard, the DNC server is in the hands of a third party hired by the DNC.

Source: Washington Times

The New York Democrat called for Republicans to join with his party in demanding answers about why Mr. Trump dismissed an opportunity during the press conference in Helsinki, Finland to confront Mr. Putin about the allegation of Russia interfering with the U.S. 2016 election, calling the special counsel’s investigation a “disaster for our country.”

He also said the president should sit down for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the probe into Russian meddling.

“There are so many troubling questions out there and if you think the press conference was bad, imagine what happened inside when the President and Mr. Putin were alone,” Mr. Schumer said.

The top Democrat in the Senate called on Republicans to stop criticizing law enforcement including the FBI in an effort to defend the president. He also stressed the need to ratchet up sanctions against Russia.

Thought for the day: When Trump said he does not trust the “intelligence community,” it would not be unreasonable for that to be interpreted as he does not trust the “Obama intelligence community holdovers.” If that is indeed what he meant that would be quite reasonable in light of Benghazi and other intelligence failures emanating from the Obama CIA, FBI, and DNI. Trump has more than enough reason to be skeptical of Obama holdovers for sure! Just a thought and plausible explanation.

When the Democrats can sabotage their own primary to put a corrupt woman in because she is a woman, I would be looking towards their way more than the Russians. Read the constitution, Trump was elected fair and square, and no Russian was in the voting booth with me, didn’t see one sitting behind the registration table, knew most of the ones there.

Schumer wants a show to destroy Trump publicly and I hope it doesn’t happen. Schumer would rather have this than the SCOTUS nominee answering questions and will probably try to make it happen.

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