Schumer Hopes Americans Don’t Become “APATHETIC” As They Try To Impeach POTUS

Sen. Chuck Schumer continued to push the Democratic Party narrative and blueprint which is painting the President as incompetent and off the map.

They are trying to bait Trump into doing things so they can use his actions to attack him with impeachment, which they have no case or they would have done it already. Democrats won’t do impeachment while the majority of Americans are against it. That’s another reason why they haven’t initiated it.

Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are using the war of words right now, and if he can get any time on television, he will use it to jab at Trump verbally.

“The process is deep and strong, but slow-moving and that’s how [the Founding Fathers] wanted it and that’s how it is, but it’s worked pretty well for 220 years and I don’t think someone like Donald Trump is going to be able ultimately to upend it, as long as the American people don’t become just apathetic and who cares what happens,” Schumer stated.

As I have said, the American people are not with them or they would have impeached Trump already. Dems are fighting for the approval and poll numbers. If the numbers reach 60%, they will fall over their feet to start the proceedings.

Democrats keep talking about our Constitution and founding fathers, what a joke! They are the ones seeking to destroy our first and second amendments, change our government, and remove our historical monuments.

The Democrats will commit any crime including murder to stay in power and guess what, the American people are sick to death of this impeachment nonsense, so either do it or get off the pot. We have a lot more critical issues like the border than seeing how miserable we can make the first family. I cannot wait until the next elections. Dems will find out how unpopular their get trump at any cost will be.

There is nothing to impeach Trump for. Not one Democrat can point to a specific incident that makes their case. Now the Democrats left with libelous unverifiable made up attacks that are not legal at all. All their claims are politically incendiary.

This is sedition, treasonous, civil war initiating lies. The only way to stop this now is to put everyone making false claims in jail; this is no longer free speech. It is the wanton destruction of the USA if left unchecked.





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