Schumer Blocked McCain From Bringing Floor Vote For Trump’s Dep Defense Sec Choice — TWICE!

Sen. Chuck Schumer is talking to any liberal head and audience he can reach to tell them how President Trump is ineffective and not filling roles in the White House but it’s really his fault.

There’s just something not right about this little stunt.

I am not sure how to play this one because Sen. John McCain is part of Schumer’s crew.  Is it possible McCain knew Schumer was going to stop him from moving Trump’s nomination through the process? Ho can you join McCain’s side when he’s been fighting Trump tooth and nail?

Schumer continues to wield some sort of power over the Senate Republicans and if you are like me, I am getting sick and tired of watching him move his mouth to stop Trump’s agenda.

Something needs to shake the Senate foundation before we force them to lose control. Trump needs to publicly start calling out Republican Senators and telling Trump supporters to mobilize to vote for their challenger. There’s no way the Senate members should ever feel they can win without Trump supporters.

Source: Washington Examiner

Sen. John McCain tried twice Thursday to get a floor vote set for President Trump’s pick to be deputy defense secretary but was blocked each time by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Tomorrow, the current deputy secretary of defense, Bob Work, will leave his office — tomorrow. There simply is no more time to delay in moving the nomination of Patrick Shanahan,” McCain said on the Senate floor.

The Arizona Republican first proposed an immediate consent vote on Shanahan, a Boeing executive who could fill the Pentagon’s No. 2 civilian post, and when Schumer objected he proposed setting a vote Monday night.

Schumer again objected, quashing the attempt to fast-track the nominee vote and increasing the temperature of an already heated political fight in the chamber over which party is responsible for the slow pace of approving the president’s nominees.

“We’d be happy to consider the nominee in regular order and maybe once things change a little bit in healthcare we can, with the consent of my friends on this side of the aisle, move a lot of things quickly,” Schumer said.

Republicans, who control the chamber, forwarded three other nominees this week but chose not to consider any Trump picks for the Defense Department, he said.

I don’t think it is possible to find a group that is more ineffective and incompetent than the Republicans in the Senate today! They really and truly can’t find it with both hands!

After eight years of letting Democratsrats do as they pleased, I don’t understand how we won the trifecta but still have the Democrats telling us what to do? If Schumer isn’t the poster child for term limits and (or) the repeal of the 17th amendment, then I don’t know who is.

Both parties have become unmoored from the U.S. Constitution, law, and virtue. They have become rulers, not public servants. Their every action show contempt for the people, our liberty, and our nation. Their only remaining allegiance is to their power and to an out of control federal government.

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