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[AUDIO] Students Cope With Tense ‘School Shooter Lockdown’ by Singing Praises to The Lord

During a tense school shooter lock down situation in Louisiana, a group of students from the high school choir began singing worship songs to cope with their fear.

The video was captured by Jase Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty) daughter, who was part of the lockdown.

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The worship songs are hauntingly beautiful and are guaranteed to give you goosebumps on top of your goosebumps.

A group of students at a high school in Louisiana have responded to a potential active shooter crisis in the most profound way — by singing praises to the Lord.

Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson revealed on Facebook that his daughter Mia was one of those caught up in the incident, which caused the school to go into full lockdown. Two men claiming to be bounty hunters were eventually detained by police, according to the Monroe News Star.

But it was the student choir’s response when their lives were under threat that has caught the attention of so many. Instead of responding in fear, they worshipped in faith. [Faithwire]

“This will give you chills,” Robertson wrote in a caption to the video.

The video that Jase Robertson posted on his Facebook has gone viral.

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I urge you to take the time to listen to the song. It’s truly beautiful and reminds us all what’s most important in time of need.

From Jase:

“Mia and her choir were under lockdown today, still unaware of the unfolding situation with two armed men on campus. The choir broke out in song, worshipping their Great God Almighty, and Mia filmed it in the dark while they waited for answers.”

God Bless those kids. Their faith is an inspiration to us all.

Below is an update on the school shooter lockdown. Nobody was injured, but it was a tense and scary time for everyone involved.

The two men who were arrested at West Monroe High School on Tuesday have had their bonds set.

According to arrest reports for both 57-year-old Matthew Hutson and 36-year-old Theodore Herr, at 10:25 AM an officer at West Monroe High School was alerted by faculty that two possibly armed men were on campus.

The officer was able to locate both of the men within 3 minutes.

The officer states that Hutson was open carrying a 1911 style pistol on his hip and Herr was concealed carrying a 9mm pistol. Both were placed under arrest [myarklamiss]

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