School Shaves Student Head Without Parent’s Permission!

If you were a parent at the school, you would be highly pissed off at the article you will read below.

Imagine you returning home and finding your child with a bald haircut that you never permitted for anyone to do. This mother learned that her child had her head shaved due to alleged hygiene issues that nobody had forewarned her through school letter or mail notification.

My mother and father would’ve been livid as you are learning about this story. The young student is said to have had mental issues, but that still gives the school no right to touch a hair on that child’s head without notifying the parents first.

Source: TheBuddy

Denise Robinson said that no one contacted her to ask for permission to shave seven-year-old Tru’s head. The school claimed it shaved her head for hygiene reasons, although the specifics of this were not made clear.

Tru’s hair, her mum said, was ‘very long’ before it was all cut off.

‘I am very upset,’ she told NECN. ‘And I’m not going to stop being upset, because I feel like my child was assaulted and violated.’

Tru goes to the Little Heroes Group Home in Dracut, Massachusetts, because she has severe emotional issues. This means that she stays at the home some nights of the week.

Denise added: ‘There was no hygienical reason for them to shave my child’s head. There were no head lice. There were no bed bugs. There was no what I refer to as “rasta locks” going on.

‘Her hair was two pony tails on the side on Saturday and it was braided in the ponytails and there was nothing wrong.’

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The school would have to pay a generous sum for me to walk away from a lawsuit on this one.

The audacity of the school administration is beyond the pale on this subject manner. Sound off in the comment section below what you thought of this after you read it.

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