FL Student Hero Feels If Coach Was Packing Heat, Outcome Would Have Been Different

ROTC member Colton Haab is being labeled a hero for his bravery in securing his classroom during the Parkland school massacre last week.

Haab strongly believes Coach Aaron Feis, one of the heroes who died while shielding students with his body, would have been able to stop the shooter if he had a firearm. Feis was also security for the school premises.

“We lined [the students] up into the wall and along the back of the wall…and from there I was standing with my first sergeant and I said, ‘these are kevlar, these are bulletproof material,’” Haab recalled. “We started moving the kevlar sheets forward.”

“Unfortunately, gun control, it’s definitely needed a little bit more,” he explained. “I believe if we did bring firearms on campus to teachers that are willing to carry…and they got their correct training for it, I think that would be a big beneficial factor for school safety.”

“If Coach Feis had had his firearm in school that day, I believe that he most likely could’ve stopped the threat,” Haab asserted.

I know progressives/socialists want to believe with gun control everything will stop but they are ignorant like that. They don’t think or use common sense logic.

If someone really wants to do mass killings like this kid, they’ll figure out how to do it without a gun. The methods to make a bomb, etc. are all over the internet. The Columbine kids came with propane tanks in addition to guns. They didn’t get the chance to set off the propane tanks. The Las Vegas murderer, Paddock, tried to set off nearby jet fuel tanks but failed.

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Shooters always pick gun-less safe zones where no one can retaliate. There is absolutely no way they’d walk into concealed/carry spots.  The first shot is the shooters. The remaining thirty, from private citizens into the shooter’s body.

There are no easy solutions. But we have to keep trying because that’s what Americans do…we don’t give up.

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