Milwaukee Class Assignment — Name 3 Good Things About Slavery

I know you are scratching your head because I think we are in one accord on this one. How in the heck do you even think up an assignment like this?

What is going on with teachers today? If they aren’t trying to misinform our kids, they are trying to date them and take them to bed. I am glad my girls are almost out of high school because it’s getting dangerous.

An English teacher at the Our Redeemer Lutheran School, located in Milwaukee, WI  presented her class with an assignment on Monday. Name three positive and negative things about slavery.

Can you imagine coming home and learning that your child had to write up a paper that calls for them to list three positive things about slavery? How is that even possible? Who does this benefit and what type of life lesson is this?

Stupid questions like this are why diversity is needed in the workplace. You can tell that the board that was responsible for coming up with the curriculum/questions didn’t include one black person or strong-minded conservative patriot and if so. A crazy question/assignment like that would have been shut down immediately.

This is nothing but liberal ignorance promoting their agenda to dumb down history and change it for their own purposes.

Did you notice the teacher’s name never came up? Not even an accidental last name was mentioned. I didn’t see any interviews with the classroom administrator or there would have been some parents addressing this in person.

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In a letter the principal sent home to parents, he clarified, “the purpose of the assignment was not, in any way, to have students argue that any slavery is acceptable [and will no longer be a component of the curriculum].”

At the time of this article, there has been no mention of this teacher being disciplined for this assignment.

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