Rob Schneider’s Tweet To Hillary Clinton Should Be Added To “Best Of All Time”

Hillary Clinton is not getting the love she desired on her comeback tour as many are not afraid of her like they used to be.

I used the word afraid because the media couldn’t and wouldn’t call out any of her evil deeds for years. They let her escape and get away with things that nobody else could.

Not only are Republicans calling her out, Democrats and even liberal journalist are doing the same thing. Take for instance Hollywood actor Rob Schneider. Schneider has been going after liberals the last year or so over their governing practices and he’s damn good at it.

Source: Daily Caller

Actor Rob Schneider continues to hammer Hillary Clinton, this time tweeting that she needs to be served a restraining order.

“At this point, I believe a judge should grant America a restraining order against Hillary Clinton for stalking,” he wrote.

Twitter users are loving his break from the normal Hollywood liberal elite and his willingness to criticize Democrats.

“So glad you are not tainted by the Hollywood crowd,” one person responded.

Here are some more terrific Schneider tweets:

Rob is a great follow on Twitter so make sure you check him out.

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