Schiff Says Investigation Into Trump Finances Will Continue For As Long As It Takes

Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Rep. Adam Schiff thinks he is the top cop in Washington, DC. He told America there was more than circumstantial evidence showing Russia collusion, but that claim quietly went away without a whimper.

Schiff thinks he’s a better investigator than former FBI head Mueller, who has looked at Trump’s finances. Does anyone believe Mueller would have done nothing had he found something? Schiff is the Democrats’ pit bull who must keep investigations going so that none will start on Democrats.

Almost every one of those elected politicians enters our government and exits a millionaire or better.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff vowed on Sunday to continue the investigation into President Trump’s finances and foreign connections for as long as it takes.

Speaking during an interview on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” the California Democrat said he found it “remarkable” that Trump was seeking a business deal with Russia and that he wanted to make sure that the president was “working in the national interest.”

“We are looking to see if the president is working in the national interest,” Schiff said. “That he is not motivated by some pecuniary interest or fear of compromise or actual compromise.”

So what exactly does that mean? Until Schiff finds something he can claim is an impeachable offense? Until Trump finishes his second term (likely Schiff won’t be the head of that committee if he keeps it up until the 2020 election)? Until the money runs out? What size chunks do you think there’d be when the Schiff hits the fan if President Trump decides to investigate the misappropriation of funds for these indeterminate, endless investigations into Trump’s life as a private citizen. Would that Rep. Schiff had spent as much time investigating our last president before those elections.

Here’s an idea, How about if we investigate the finances of the senators and congresspersons, I’m curious to see how they go from moderate to very wealthy on a fixed income?

This has gone to the point of humor. The Democrats insist on overplaying their hand. Mueller has had unlimited funds, unlimited power, and has come up with nothing to this point of the investigation. Mueller was tasked with taking Trump down and failed. Now Schiff thinks he will improve on that.

Mueller is not some rookie. If he can’t get to Trump, Schiff can’t either. Schiff is as persistent as those telemarketers. Even when there’s no hope, they continue to call. Schiff will handle this in his usual clumsy, camera hog manner. He will turn President Trump into an object of sympathy. Americans hate a bully. Schiff will cost the Democrats a huge number of votes in 2020.

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