Schiff — Mueller Will Testify And Respect The Subpoena But He Didn’t Want To

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow interviewed Rep. Adam Schiff asking him about the late-breaking news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be testifying in July.

Schiff did note that Mueller was reluctant to testify to Congress about his report on Pres. Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russian election interference but he would “respect the subpoena” and appear before both, House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. I am guessing they want him to testify so they can better understand his report because we all know they are too stupid to read for comprehension.

Mueller told the media and America he was done with the investigation when he stood on a podium and gave his little speech about what he thought the investigation was all about. What this seems to be is an old fashioned briar patch. For those that don’t remember the story, the hare didn’t want to get thrown in the briar patch, so he kept telling his enemy “whatever you do, don’t throw me in the briar patch.” Well, the enemy ended up throwing him in the briar patch, which is where the hare wanted to go in the first place.

Mueller’s last press conference left more questions than answers, so he had to know they were going to bring him in to testify.

Schiff: “I don’t think the Special Counsel’s office would characterize it as a friendly subpoena. He did not want to testify. He made that very clear. Nonetheless, they will respect the subpoena. He will appear. He’ll be testifying before our committee in open session. Each of our members will have an opportunity to ask questions of the Special Counsel. And the American people get a chance to hear directly from him and have their questions answered. So I think it’s a good result. July 17th is the date we expect him to appear.”

Mueller will be testifying before both houses of Congress. This means presidential candidates will get their chances at soundbites for their campaigns. They must think this is a game, but I do not.

Schiff: “As Bob Mueller was the first to point out in his own report, he didn’t make a traditional prosecutorial judgement We have taken it up in our referral and it’s important in our view we have an opportunity to flesh out what the Russians did, how they did it, what the role of the Trump campaign personnel were… where are the findings, all of these questions and a great many more the American people should have the opportunity to pose through their representatives to Mueller himself. We never felt it was sufficient to rely simply on a written report or a 10-minute statement without the ability to follow up with questions.”

Pres. Trump responded with this tweet:

If I were Russia, I’d consider spying on the Democrats and disrupting them in 2020 just for the simple fact that we all know Dems are exaggerating the whole thing while the world reads about it daily. Russia this, Trump that. Dems will pay the consequences for giving Russia lousy publicity. Russia has been spying on us for 70 -80 years. They’ve always been spying, and it’s nothing new, and we spy on them.

Hope they have him wired up with a polygraph. This snake can’t be trusted with anything he says. My only hope is that the Republicans on the committee ask him about all the omissions from the report, his editing of testimony and why he didn’t pursue the DNC and Clinton campaign financing of the dossier generated by a foreign agent.



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