Schiff Claims “More Than Circumstantial Evidence” Shows Collusion With Russia

So that’s how the game is played? Rep Adam Schiff said earlier in the week all he was was circumstantial evidence that Russia colluded with Trump to taint 2016 election.

What you have here is a game Democrats are playing to muddy the waters because they were hurt by Rep Devin Nunes’ report this afternoon. They needed to come back with someone that Schiff decided to change his story and come out with this report.

So basically – Adam Schiff: It’s wrong to discuss the existence of evidence to an unproven claim, now watch me discuss proof of another unproven claim

There is more than circumstantial evidence now…and is very much worthy of investigation.

Is Shiff looking into who leaked the phone conversations President Trump had with foreign leaders? Is Shiff looking into who stole confidential Tax forms and leaked them to the press? Whoever did these things is un-American and needs to be arrested for treason. Political parties are full of hate for each other, and this hatred is causing a divide within our country and citizens.

Congress’s job is to represent our citizens and not just their political party. This a-moral attitude is destroying our country. The media has zestfully followed suite and is not reporting the full and honest news but only their opinions.

The “opinion news media” will say, twist and distort information to get a story.

The lack of morals in government and some of the press has got to stop before you have no one to govern or to read your lies. If the political parties can not work together for the betterment of our country and citizens, you have no right to be in office because our nation deserves better than that.

If the negative media can not be entirely honest and stop forcing your opinion into a story, then you have no right to be reporting garbage pick up dates.

What do you think of Schiff’s new found information? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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Wayne Dupree

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