WOW! Scarborough — We Can Rest Easy That Trump Did Not Collude With Putin And Russia

How many of you are with me when I say, it is time to investigate ALL Democrats with the same intense scrutiny just given to President Trump and his associates?

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough approved Attorney General William Barr’s investigation summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report which seemed to vindicate President Trump of collusion and obstruction of justice. Scarborough said it was good for the country and all who live inside of its borders.

The opposition media always wanted to believe the worst about Trump. They wanted to believe that Trump and his family was guilty of colluding with the Russians. Over the past few months, they walked away from the 24/7 Russian collusion coverage and tried to push obstruction of justice, in an attempt to give themselves an escape hatch in case they were wrong, but that calls into question both their credibility and intellectual honesty, not to mention it does not reflect well on their integrity.

Integrity and intellectual honest would demand that you make an unambiguous statement. “I was wrong, I admit it, and I’m sorry.” That should be your grace before a dinner of crow.

“That the president of the United States did not conspire with Russia to influence the 2016 election and we know, because unlike Donald Trump and the right-wing hacks that were chopping Robert Mueller to pieces for two years, we know that Robert Mueller actually is an honorable man and we can put our heads on the pillows tonight and know… that the president of the United States did not collude with Vladimir Putin and Russia.”

What most do not realize and will allow it to overshoot their brains is that the abject failure of Robert Mueller in no way exonerates the “witch hunt” he drove to attempt a coup. No one ever seriously thought Mueller would produce bupkiss for collusion, which isn’t even a crime.

The plan was to entrap President Trump in some process crime or turn up past dirt on his businesses. He’s not the Clintons; there was nothing there at all.

CNN’s Jake Tapper feels differently:

AG Barr is being asked to publish Mueller’s investigation with no redactions and will almost certainly release the partially-redacted report.  Believe it or not, there is sensitive information that was collected along with other material covered by various legal protections and to have that out in public would be devastating, even I know that.  I also feel that Barr should publish as many of the supporting documents as possible to continue to shut up the left.

Andrew McCarthy, a former Federal Prosecutor, writes how the same standard should apply to the legal justifications for the launch of this entire witch hunt in the first place:

If we’re going to have disclosure, fine. But let’s have full disclosure: Mueller’s report in addition to the FISA applications; the memoranda pertinent to the opening and continuation of the investigation; the testimony in secret hearings; the scope memorandum Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued on August 2, 2017, after failing to cite a crime when he appointed Mueller — let’s have all of it.

Mueller went far beyond the scope of what the “investigation” should have been. That is why it took so long. I disagree that this was not a witch hunt. There was no evidence to support the initial investigation, and Sessions should have demanded concrete evidence of any wrongdoing before recusing himself.

In my opinion, the reason that the hatchet job was concluded is that the growing sentiment against it was exceeding any benefit for dragging it out longer given the fact that there was no evidence.

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