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Scaramucci: I Just Wanted Trump To Cut Out Racists Tweets; His Response Was To “Cyberbully Me”

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci continues his whirlwind tour and it’s not like he isn’t used to it. Early Monday morning, the “mooch” went on CNN and blasted Trump, telling the GOP to replace him at the top of the 2020 Presidential ticket.

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And true to form, he had been booked on MSNBC to speak about the weekend back and forth with Pres. Trump. Host Stephanie Ruhle pressed Scaramucci on what she felt like was a ‘sudden pivot’ to vocally call out his old boss. I guess that’s the narrative now but Scaramucci has been doing that for a long time now.

No matter what clip or feedback they give of Scaramucci, he talks out both sides of his mouth when doing interviews and that’s a problem. He acts as if he is an insider when he’s always been on the outside looking in.

Even Pres. Trump addressed his Monday TV appearances on Twitter in the afternoon:


Scaramucci: “He’s moving on a degrading slope. If you look at the rate of change and his personality where we were in 2016 and 2017, he’s sort of a different person in 2019 before noting that people inside Trump’s inner-circle are “fearful right now” and adding that “using your Twitter feed to call out our fellow citizens on Twitter” is un-American.

Rhule: “The only thing different today is he’s going after you…He started running as president calling Mexicans rapists and criminals … What is different today?”

Scaramucci: “You may not like my arrival to this moment and you may disagree with my arrival and think I should have gotten there sooner.

A good portion of the American people were left out of the political establishment in terms of advocacy … Unfortunately, if you are dealing with a demagogue, what ends up happening is you have to have an absolute asymmetric loyalty test to that demagogue. If you have one or two syllables out of place, the guy will disavow you, which is what he did to me. A week ago I was saying geez, I wish he would stop with the racist tweets. Like many in the Republican Party, I like a lot of other things that are going on with the economy and the growth of employment in the African-American and Hispanic American communities. But would you cut it out with the racist Tweets? His response to that is to cyberbully me.”

Unbelievable. The guy wins a supposedly “unwinnable” election against a candidate everyone said was “unbeatable”, and now they want to throw him to the wolves? What’s wrong with these people?

In all honesty, and with the usual politeness and “knowing my place” set aside, Mooch has gotten a lot of mileage out of being an Italian guy from the neighborhood and the wrong side of the tracks. I saw him talking to Chris Cuomo, and Cuomo appeared to gave him a pass for this reason.

Weighing on my mind is the absolute madness that was his very short stay in what became Sarah Huckabee’s spot in communications. Mooch couldn’t handle the job.

I don’t trust his judgment. I cannot fathom how Trump can be holding up under the withering abuse he has sustained, but nobody who takes our side against the globalists has ever fared better, likely because nobody else has taken our side against the globalists.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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