Saudis To Report Journalist Was Killed — ‘Interrogation Gone Wrong’

Wow. The heat must be on them. If true, sounds like a “plausible deniability” story to admit culpability but not the intent. There’s a lot of that going around.

It seems the Saudi Arabia government is prepared to make a statement admitting that Jamal Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist who has been reported as missing for the last few weeks was killed in an “interrogation gone wrong.”

Oddly I think the Saudis may be halfway to telling the truth here. This whole thing looks less like a hit than a planned snatch and run (kidnapping) gone bad.

If they wanted him dead, it could have been done anywhere under circumstances that would have given the Kingdom plausible deniability. Assassinating someone in their consulate would have been bone-crushingly stupid. I think they planned to grab him, probably drug him, and smuggle him back to Saudi Arabia where they could put him on ice for a while.

Something went wrong. A purely educated guess is he put up a fight, and the subsequent interrogation got ugly. Maybe he had a heart attack. We will probably never know. But my gut says this did not start as a planned hit.

There is little doubt that Khashoggi was not a classic journalist but an Islamist opinion writer with access to Western media. He liked to criticize the Saudi royals. The 9/11 Saudis respond to criticism as if someone is dripping acid on their brain.

No rational person should be surprised that the 9/11 Saudis would kill this man in one of their consulates. Nor should anyone be astonished that the thug Islamist Erdogan would squeeze the Saudis for al he can over this murder or the Iranians use it for their purposes. Nor should anyone be surprised that the Saudi bought and well paid for the influence they have in the media joins the chorus of 9/11 Saudi defenders. Face it. The Saudis have a well-stocked tent, welcome to all who will collude, in the swamp.

Nevertheless, all this murderous intrigue reflects the current insolvable turmoil in the Islamic world. Islamic culture cannot stand up to the challenge of Western modernity. The individual freedoms, institutions, and values of the West are not compatible with Islamic culture. With modern digital communications, travel, business and a modicum of education the people in these repressive societies are demanding change.

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Hence the turmoil, violence and the desperate reactionary attempts of the vile 9/11 Saudi royals, the deluded corrupt Erdogan and the medieval mullahs to secure their status and privilege. Americans cannot change these societies by force. It will be a very long time before there are enough enlightened people in these forsaken places before they become decent places to live.

The very fact that the Turks and our leftist media are promoting this story makes me think it is aimed primarily at embarrassing Trump or impeding policy. So, who knows which details are true?

As far as I’m concerned if something had happened to Khashoggi more discreetly, it wouldn’t be any of our business–he seems to have been a pro-Muslim Brotherhood Islamist, and I have no love for them.

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