Sasse Uses MSNBC To Trash Trump — WH Is A Reality Show, Soap Opera Presidency

Sen. Ben Sasse told his Twitter followers he “regularly” thought about leaving the GOP and this doesn’t help things.

Sasse has been telling others he might run for President in 2020 against President Trump. Well, he won’t pick off any Trump supporters joining MSNBC and slamming the current White House as a soap opera reality show.

As you witnessed, MSNBC and other progressive networks enjoy when Republicans slam the GOP because it seemingly helps them push a narrative against them 24/7.

On Friday, Sasse tweeted he regularly thought about leaving the Republican Party. [Sasse Tweets He Thinks About Leaving Republican Party — Regularly!]

As a sitting Senator willing to publicly say that without hesitation gives most of us the belief maybe you should leave. Do not threaten us because you don’t support President Trump, leave.

Source: Mediaite

“I don’t have any desire to beat the president up, but it’s pretty clear that this White House is a reality show, soap opera presidency,” he said, adding that “the drama of Omarosa and the drama of Cohen and the drama of Manafort and the drama of the Woodward quotes and the drama of these op-eds” was over-the-top.

Sasse said the solution for Trump would be his much needed focus on “the long-term of vision casting for America” rather than “the short-term of staffing.”

“Pull us together as a people,” Sasse demanded. “Help us deliberate about where we should go and then build a team of great, big-cause, low-ego people around you. Right now it feels like there’s just way too much drama every day and that distracts us from the longer term stuff we should be focused on together.”

Maybe Sasse thinks he will pick up Democrat votes for President because no Trump supporter is going to back him so his campaign already starts in the negative, am I right?

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