Sandy Hook Victim Hoax Gets another couple Nouel Alba & Jonathan Lee Riches Arrested

The FBI is currently investigating several hoaxes that are targeting the Sandy Hook victims.

A woman by the name of Nouel Alba has been arrested in New York for pretending to be Noah Pozner’s aunt (Noah Pozner was one of the 20 kids who were killed on December 14th when Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School with an automatic weapon and murder on his mind) and asking people for donations for the funeral via Facebook.

After being exposed by CNN, Nouel Alba was taken into custody by the FBI and was ordered to return the money to those she fooled.

Nouel Alba went as far as talking to the media and to donors about the fact that she met President Barack Obama when he attended a vigil for the victims and added that it was very difficult and she was forced to sit in her car to cry her eyes out.


This is not the first hoax to hit the families of the Sandy Hook victims.

On December 16, Jonathan Lee Riches pretended to be Adam Lanza’s uncle Jonathan Lanza and attempted to enter the Lanzas home while talking to reporters about the fact that the killer was taking Fanapt which is a drug taken for schizophrenia.

Jonathan Lee Riches was arrested.

An impostor created a fake Facebook page pretending to be Ryan Lanza, the brother of the shooter.

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