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Sanders Held Staff Meeting On McCain’s Leaked Statement, And That Leaked Too!

Here is my suggestion for the White House Communications team, fire everybody except Sarah Sanders, Mercedes Schlapp and Kelly Sadler.

According to their video report below, there were 25 individuals in the communications meeting that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders had on Friday morning. Outside of her, Mercedes Schlapp, And Kelly Sadler, someone leaked the intricacies of that meeting to the media.

When is the White House going to start withdrawing (Press Credentials) from these so-called “Journalists” who make blatant verbal attacks during the (WH) Press news conferences?

All it’s going to take is one time, for the loss of “press creds” and all of this will stop! Isn’t there some sort of (Standards) that journalists are supposed to maintain? If not, there should be, and maybe it’s about time to make some.

Source: Mediaite

According to Swan’s reporting, a “visibly upset and furious” Sanders told the group of some 20 staffers: “I am sure this conversation is going to leak, too. And that’s just disgusting.”

Sources from the meeting told Swan that White House strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp voiced support for Sadler, who has faced calls for her resignation over the comments.

“You can put this on the record… I stand with Kelly Sadler,” Schlapp said, which a source told Swan was intended to support staffers that are the victims of leaks.

Sanders, who reportedly said Sadler’s comments were innapropriate, focused her ire on leaks from private White House meetings.

Swan said on MSNBC that the White House press team is “in complete disarray.”

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