Election 2020

Sanders Claims He’s Working with HONEST Conservatives To Stop Possible Iran Action

Sen. Bernie Sanders told his campaign crowd how he was working with “honest conservatives” in the Senate to stop the Trump administration from starting a war with Iran, during his rally in Vermont on Saturday.

Here’s my question, who is he talking about? Instead of throwing out this baseless message, give names. All this does is make Republicans start to question their ranks and cause distrust and contempt.

When Sanders talks about not apologizing for protesting Vietnam and Iraq, I think he’s doing it for seal applause. Sanders said he makes no apology for his positions on Vietnam and Iraq, before bringing up his opposition to the Saudi-led war in Yemen and his concerns about a drumbeat to war with Iran.

“I am doing everything that I can, working, by the way, with some honest conservatives in the Senate, to prevent Donald Trump and John Bolton from taking us into a war in Iran,” ” Sanders said.

I don’t care about is position on the war. Democrats have a bad track record period and I do not look to them for advice or comfort.

Bernie might just have said: “I am seeking the support of honest conservatives and I am offering them the votes of all of our murderers, rapists, and terrorists in prison, just as soon as I can get Congress and 50 states to see things my way. The Boston Marathon bomber has rights too. All of these hard-working convicts will vote for whoever I tell them to support.”


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