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THIS IS SAD! Do You Think It’s A Coincidence Rain Fell On Same Day As Hurricane Katrina Rain?

I’ve seen crazy, and I’ve seen nutty conspiracist before this one takes the cake. Not only is this woman’s logic all screwed up, someone gave her a driver’s license.

This young lady is speaking about Hurricane Harvey, and she’s trying to reach those who can’t think for themselves, but her entire argument is so off base, it’s a shame thousands will see her video and some will agree with her craziness.

Hopefully, many of them will call her out for her stupidity and ignorance.

She’s trying to blame the government and rich people for Hurricane Harvey. Wealthy neighborhoods were destroyed in Texas too but she’s so hell bent on using emotion with her argument, she can’t see the forest for the trees.

The truth is President Trump, and the government prepared for this disaster, and it would be a lot worse if everyone had turned their heads or some other politicians were in charge. Trump has been out in front since early last week, and everyone saw this. That some will discount his efforts is just Hillary Clinton supporters or degenerate Americans who don’t have a clue about how things work.


Sure they knew it was coming, that’s why they told residents to leave the area. Someone pray this woman gets the mental help she needs before she hurts somebody.

Natural disasters happen all the time and let’s be clear; there is nothing to gain from destroying a city like Houston. It’s going cost upwards to $75 billion to fix all that has been touched by Hurricane Harvey, and for those who don’t have flood insurance, FEMA will most likely be given the bill.

By the way lady, it’s hurricane season and Houston is located within striking distance of the gulf of Mexico, so obviously they were going to experience something like this sooner or later.

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