Ryan Hasn’t Sent Obamacare Repeal Bill To Senate—You Won’t Believe Why!

It’s been two weeks since House Republicans, President Trump and Vice-President Pence celebrated the passing of the American Health Care Act signing, but they forgot one thing.

The Congressional Budget Office.

The CBO has not scored the bill yet and without the scoring, sending it to the Senate would do no good. Many House members didn’t know the bill hasn’t moved to the Senate. Another thing a lot of Trump supporters don’t know. The Senate has already said they will not be taking up a vote on the House bill, as they are working on their own.

Source: Bloomberg

House Speaker Paul Ryan hasn’t yet sent the bill to the Senate because there’s a chance that parts of it may need to be redone, depending on how the Congressional Budget Office estimates its effects. House leaders want to make sure the bill conforms with Senate rules for reconciliation, a mechanism that allows Senate Republicans to pass the bill with a simple majority.

Republicans had rushed to vote on the health bill so the Senate could get a quick start on it, even before the CBO had finished analyzing a series of last-minute changes. The CBO is expected to release an updated estimate next week.

“Unaware,” said Representative Jeff Denham of California, with noticeable surprise Thursday, when advised that his party leaders still hadn’t sent the bill over to the Senate. Denham was one of the House Republicans who ended up voting for the measure, after earlier in the week opposing it.

“I am on the whip team and we have a lot of conversations, but we have not had that one. So I am going to look into it,” said Denham, a member of the party’s vote-counting team.

If the CBO returns with a score before the bill is sent to the Senate, the House will proceed with another vote, and if the media got a hold of this mess, they would paint Republicans as being incompetent.

Ryan had to have known this so why didn’t he wait? What was the rush? Most of us knew the bill had to be scored and yes, Democrats were crying about that before the vote was taken up on the House floor.

Did you know the Obama repeal and replace bill passed by the House had not been sent to the Senate? What are your feelings about that? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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